I’m obsessed with creating authentic personal brand images that tell your story, speak to your ideal client, and capture the heart of your brand so you have more time for what really matters.

My mission is to spread light and inspiration - and empower other business owners, entrepreneurs and dream seekers to do the same.  I truly believe the best way to do this is through IMAGES - they tell the beautiful, crazy, messy stories of our lives and create deep connections with people - our people.

My birth certificate says my name is Brandilyn but most of my friends call me Brandy.  I'm a homeschooling mama of four wild ones and capturer of LIFE.  I'm obsessed with chai tea, podcasts, inappropriate hip-hop, summertime, clean eating, Target runs and family vacations.

At thirty something, I still can't blow up a balloon or snap my fingers successfully (not even kidding), but capturing EMOTION and HEART - that's my thang.

Let's change the world together.  I want to know your story - your drive - your hopes and dreams.  Let's take your business to the next level.  Let's blow our own MINDS.  You in?



La’Kita Williams MSW, Corporate Consultant

“When I replaced my photo with the image Brandilyn took, I immediately had 2 people reach out and saw the engagement on my profile improve significantly. I want to add that for me, professional images mean done by a professional that captures my true essence in a compelling and beautiful way, which Brandilyn did perfectly.”



Heather Slonski, owner Salon Ski

“There is absolutely no one else I trust to capture the moments in both my personal and professional life than Brandilyn. She is able to capture my TRUTH - who am I am as a person. She is so patient and kind hearted and was able to help me step up my social media game to the next level. You won’t be disappointed.”

Julia Linsteadt, co-founder KidArtLit

“Brandilyn helped orchestrate a photoshoot that was professional, well-designed and that really met our needs as a business. She listens so intently and is such a creative thinker in the way that she processes what a business needs. It’s really unusual to have a photographer that instantly feels like somebody you need to have on hand all the time. Brandilyn is someone we work with every month now helping us produce images for our company so that we always have fresh, new photos that we can use at the drop of a hat! Whether we are re-designing a website or planning a big marketing campaign, we know we have the images that are not only going to meet our needs, but that will TELL OUR STORY. She’s a joy to work with!”