How setting GOALS can blow your MIND


Not that we didn’t ever set any goals, but for the first 10 years of our marriage, we just kind of let life take us along. And everything was fine... life was good.

Until a little over 2 years ago in Mexico. It was the first time EVER away from our four kids for more than 48 hours. I was inspired by something I was reading and basically forced Josh to help me WRITE DOWN OUR GOALS. They were super specific, measurable, and time-bound and included all the different areas of our life - financial, personal, family, etc. And they were BIG goals you guys. BIG.

Fast-forward a couple months and we realized we had ALREADY accomplished several of the HUGE goals we had set, and were on track to surpass others. 

Say whaaaaaaaaa?! 🤯

Not only that, but having a CLEAR picture of where we wanted to go made making allllll the little decisions that much easier. Is this bringing us closer or further away from our goals? Boom. Done. Easy. 

Fast-forward to today. I look back on a relatively short period of time and what we’ve accomplished is CRAZY TOWN.  Student loans are totally paid off.  We’ve spent more time together as a couple and as a family.  I started a new business venture.  We purchased property.  We feel healthier.  The list goes on...

And the real crazy thing is that this has ALWAYS been available to us.  Setting goals, writing them down and then GOING AFTER THEM is available to everyone - and I truly believe that you’re holding yourself back if you’re not setting any. 


So let's talk about GOALS yo - and how you can BLOW YOUR OWN MIND, shall we?

Here's a simple 5-step method to setting and REACHING your biggest goals:


Break your life up into your most important aspects and roles.  For my husband and I that first time in Mexico, we wrote down: marriage, kids, health, spiritual, financial, and professional/business.  Doing this allowed us to focus on each individual category and get real serious about what we wanted to accomplish, and what would have the biggest impact.  I love Michael Hyatt's S.M.A.R.T.E.R goal acronym:

SPECIFIC: Goals must be well defined, clear and unambiguous.

MEASURABLE:  Can you quantify your progress so you can track it? How will you know when you've reached your goals? 

ACTIONABLE:  Begin your goals with a verb. What is the associated action word that describes what you need to do to achieve it?

RISKY:  Your goals should scare you a little bit!  It will make them more interesting and demanding.

TIME-KEYED:  Goals must have a clearly defined time frame including a starting date and a target end date.

EXCITING:  Love this one!!  You should absolutely be excited about your goals - otherwise, what's the point?

RELEVANT:  Your goals should be in alignment with the season of your life and your values. Is your goal relevant to your life purpose?



This is crucial.  WHY is this goal important to you?  It's important that your WHY is bigger than your FEAR - for an amazing podcast episode about this, and to help you identify your "why" - head over to the Do It Scared Podcast with Ruth Soukup - it's a good one.  Keep in mind superficial reasons won't cut it, so try to dig deep on this one.  Why do you want to lose those last 10 pounds?  Looking good in a bikini is great and all, but feeling confident and having more energy to play with your kids - THAT is real motivation.  


Now that you've categorized your goals and made sure they are SMARTER, write them down!!  There is so much power in putting pen to paper.  I heard somewhere that the difference between a dream and a goal is simply writing it down.  It forces you to gain clarity about what you want and what is most important.  


Now that you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, how do you get from point A to point B??  It's highly affective to print out your goals along with their SMARTER details and hang them where you'll see them every. single. day.  Every time a situation or decision arises, ask yourself: is this bringing me closer or further away from my goal?  Another question I love to ask myself: what would the version of me who has already accomplished this goal do in this situation? #likewhoa  Work backwards - decide what you need to do this YEAR, this MONTH, this WEEK and now this DAY to accomplish your goal and make it happen.


Set aside a time each month to look back and take inventory of what you have and haven't accomplished (yet) and to get super clear about the upcoming month.  And GIVE YOURSELF PROPS for every single win, big and small - this helps keep momentum and is something to fall back on when you feel like you're moving slower than you'd like.

I have been blown away by the progress my husband and I have made and even more importantly, by the CLARITY we now have in our lives.  It's amazing how powerful it is.  See for yourself.

Happy goal setting babes!

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