5 Things you can do Today to Stop Drowning...

… in life that is.

Motherhood is kicking my BUTT right now y’all. Or maybe it’s life in general? Either way, that all-too familiar feeling of drowning keeps rising up inside me no matter how hard I try to resist it. I know you know about the drowning too - I’m convinced it’s simply a physical reaction to what’s going on inside our heads.

Which is amazing...


… because that means we have total control over it, NOT the other way around.

Here’s what really helps me when I feel like life gets too heavy:

1. WORK OUT - I tell myself I don’t have time, but honestly I can’t afford NOT to. Working out has an amazing effect on my entire day, including more energy, patience, confidence and positive mindset. Don’t let your brain convince you that you don’t have time, fit in whatever you can.

2. PLAN YOUR DAY - Similar to when my house gets soooooo messy and I don’t even know where to start, when there’s too much to do I often feel immobilized. Planning out my day (usually the night before) gives me clarity on the most important tasks, even if it’s simply sending an email or taking a shower. Find a time that works for you and commit to doing it religiously.

3. GET OUTSIDE - I swear nothing heals the soul like some sunshine and a gentle breeze. You get extra points if you can make it to the beach because #beachtherapy  Even if it’s just 10 minutes, even if the weather is no good, it works wonders I promise. Oh, and leave your phone inside!!

4. SAY NO - When I start experiencing the drowning, I know I have too much on my plate and it’s time to start saying NO, over and over again. Pull way back on your commitments so you have a chance to evaluate what needs to stay and what needs to go. I know this seems scary and hard, but I promise it gets easier and easier every time you say that two-letter word. Try it.

5. SELF CARE - If you’re anything like me, you completely stop taking care of yourself when life gets crazy. Who needs healthy food and sleep? Certainly not me!! But actually I do and so do you mama!!! Go to bed early, sit down and read a magazine, go for a walk. The oxygen mask analogy fits perfectly here - you’re no help to anyone else if you’re a hot mess. Love YO SELF.

I certainly hope you’re not in a drowning phase of life right now too, but if you are - feel EMPOWERED and give these a try!!! And I’m curious, what do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed with life??

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