I can't even tell you how excited I am that you're here!! So excited in fact that I made you a super quick video. Have a watch, then let me take you through the process so you know just what to expect.


Quick video call

We'll set up a quick (super casual) video call so that I can see your beautiful face, get some basic information and go through a brand discovery questionnaire.

We’ll decide on location details and go over pricing and payment options. We’ll also get your session on the calendar and you’ll pat yourself on the back for being a BOSS.

The Session

Let the fun begin!! Bring your favorite playlist and channel your inner Beyonce because it’s all about mindset. We’ll take a moment to connect and go over the stories we’re going to cover as well as any particular shots you really want to capture.

I’ll give you guidance and make recommendations here and there, but you’ll be the one guiding me through what a portion of your day really looks like so we can capture the authenticity of YOU and your brand.

personal brand photographer rocks female entrepreneur session with heather 32018


Select Images & Delivery

After we’re finished shooting, you’ll have an opportunity (if you choose) to go through the images and select your favorites. From there, I’ll make sure the images are edited to perfection and delivered (digitally) to you within 5 business days so you can start using and sharing them right away!